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Enroll in VendorProof

Vendors register with VendorProof and enter relevant business information through the easy-to-use portal. ProviderTrust then monitors the vendor, checking for compliance and risk-related issues. All vendors are required to enroll, regardless of the service provided (e.g., cleaning service, vehicle maintenance, decorating service, any healthcare service, etc.).

ProviderTrust: Vendor Compliance Partner

ProviderTrust is the market leader in the data science of healthcare population monitoring and is on a mission to make healthcare smarter and safer by delivering better data to health systems and health plans.

VendorProof: Vendor Portal

VendorProof is a ProviderTrust solution designed to help healthcare organizations maintain regulatory compliance and ensure accurate vendor information across the healthcare continuum.

Enrollment Process

All vendors are required to enter and update pertinent information through the VendorProof portal. Enrollment information includes:

  • Business and contact information

  • Federal tax ID#

  • Ownership information

  • Brief risk survey

  • Medicare Advantage attestation (if applicable)

  • Current W-9

ProviderTrust will perform regular checks for OIG Exclusions, Medicare Fraud, IRS issues, and other risk-related issues, including Medicare Advantage Compliance Program requirements.


When vendors enroll in VendorProof , they have the option to create a profile for the VendorProof Marketplace. The Marketplace serves to promote compliant vendors to healthcare organizations.